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date of publication: 07-09-2014

Armored command vehicle


The M113A1 armored personnel carrier

The mortar vehicle was armed with a .50 caliber machine gun in the M26 cupola mount or on the external mount from the M113A1 armored personnel carrier. If the latter was used, another adapter ring was required to install the 30 inch diameter mount into the 40 inch diameter opening. Needless to say, the M26 mount required the 34 to 40 inch diameter adapter ring as on the CI through C4 .

The main function of the mortar vehicle was to act as prime mover and carry ammunition for the 120mm towed mortar. The main ammunition rack in the right rear of the vehicle stowed 45 rounds. An additional six rounds were carried in a smaller rack in the left sponson. A bench type troop seat was on the left side of the crew compartment and a single troop seat was located between the gunner and the commander.

The antitank vehicle mounting the Emerson Electric type launcher

The cargo armored command vehicle was armed with a .50 caliber machine gun on the external mount of the type cupola. The 30 to 40 inch diameter adapter ring was required. The commander's cupola was removed and a cover installed over the opening. The two man crew consisted of the driver and the gunner. A security screen separated both men from the cargo area.

The ambulance armored vehicle was, of course, unarmed and the weapon station opening was closed by a cover plate. An M27 periscope was installed in the front of the commander's hatch ring. There were two supports and four chain and hook assemblies to carry four litters in the crew compartment. Two forward facing seats were located on the left side behind the commander's station.

The FMC armored infantry fighting vehicle

Two additional vehicles were part of the AIFV family. These were the antitank with two TOW missile launchers and the recovery vehicle. Several experimental configurations for the TOW launcher were considered prior to the adoption of the Emerson Electric type launcher as used on the M901 improved TOW vehicle. The modification of the vehicles and the installation of the launchers were carried out by RSV Defense Engineering in Rotterdam.

Although the recovery armored command vehicle was considered to be part of the family, it had the same appearance as the standard M113A1 recovery vehicle with the vertical side armor. In fact, the only difference was the AIFV power train and improved suspension. The recovery vehicle was fitted with side flotation cells and a high displacement trim vane to increase the freeboard when afloat ().

Other variants of the AIFV proposed by FMC included the installation of one or two man turrets armed with the Bushmaster M242 25mm cannon. A turret armed with the Cockerill 90mm gun also was mounted upon the AIFV chassis.

The Bradley fighting vehicle is armed with the 25mm cannon M242 The Bradley fighting vehicle is armed with the 25mm cannon M242