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Heavy Tanks

Heavy Tanks: Heavy Soviet Tank KV-1 Heavy Tanks: The T-35 Tyazhole Tank Heavy Tanks: T-35 Model 1938
Heavy Tanks: T-35 Model 1938 fitted with a radio antenna Heavy Tanks: Two Luftwaffe NCOs are dwarfed by a T-35 knocked out early in Operation Barbarossa Heavy Tanks: Snow covers an SMK knocked out during the Russo-Finnish War. Tank T-35C 1940
Heavy Tanks: The SMK, like the T-100, was originally designed with three turrets Heavy Tanks: The SMK Heavy Tank Heavy Tanks: A KV-1 crosses a timber bridge over a frozen river: the ice could take the tank's weight as long as the timber tresses distributed it evently
Heavy Tanks: A clear impression of the low ground-pressure of the wide tracks on the KV-1 can be seen in this picture of KV-1 at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in the USA Heavy Tanks: The KV-1 chassis was used for 13,500 vehicles, tanks and SP guns during the war Heavy Tanks: The KV-1 production line was located at the Kirov Factory in Leningrad
Heavy Tanks: KV-1 Heavy Tank Heavy Tanks: Up-armouring work on the KV-1, the Model 1942, was undertaken by Kotin's TsKV-2 (Central Design Bureau) Heavy Tanks: The production line at Chelyabinsk Tractor Factory (ChTZ). When the line was set up, the design was simplified in much the same way as the T-34 programme
Heavy Tanks: Workers meet the crews of a KV-1B regiment Heavy Tanks: The huge turret of a KV-2 looms over a BA-10 armoured car during fighting in 1941 Heavy Tanks: A view of the massive KV-2 showing its 152mm (5.9in) gun off to good effect
Heavy Tanks: KV-2A Heavy Tank Heavy Tanks: German technical intelligence staff watch sa a captured KV-2A manoeuvres in the hands of its new crew