The Red Army, Russian Tanks, German Tanks


Armored refuel vehicle, MLRS missile system vehicle

Each was enclosed in a sealed pod having the same external dimensions as the six rocket pod used in the MLRS missile system vehicle. Thus two ATACMS missiles could be loaded into the M270 launcher. The Block 1 missile with the M74 submunition warhead weighed 3,687 pounds and had a maximum range of over 100 kilometers.

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Fighting vehicle system carrier, Launch rocket system carrier

As an interim air defense measure, Stinger antiaircraft missiles were deployed on the standard Bradley infantry fighting vehicle system carrier. General Electric proposed the installation of the Blazer antiaircraft turret on the Bradley chassis. This turret was armed with two, four tube, Stinger missile launchers as well as a GAU-12/U 25mm Gatlingtype gun. The 25mm gun was provided with 360 ready rounds and Hydra-70 2.75 inch rockets also could be carried.

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Bradley chassis vehicle, TOW missile launcher

The M981 FIST-V based upon the M113 series armored personnel carrier provided essential field artillery support for the maneuver forces. With the introduction of the M1 main battle tank and the Bradley fighting vehicle, it was obvious that a new fire support team vehicle with comparable performance was required. Such a vehicle, designated as the XM7 FIST-V was built by United Defense based Upon the Bradley -A20DS.

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Bradley turret vehicle

In early 1990, a strap-on prototype of a battlefield laser was tested at Fort Bliss, Texas. Referred to as the Stingray laser self-protection system, it was intended to blind or disable the optical sights and periscopes of enemy vehicles. Under development by Martin Marietta since 1982, a demonstration version was tested during 1986/87. The strap-on prototype was enclosed in an armored housing hinged to the right side of the Bradley turret vehicle. It was equipped with an internal display and a joystick control. The Stingray was under development as part of the U.S. Army Armored Systems Modernization Program.

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Squad compartment vehicle M2A2 and M3A2

The installation of the gas participate filter unit differed on the IFV and the CFV. On the M2E1, face masks and hoses connected to the central filter unit were provided only for the driver, gunner and M3 fighting vehicle commander. The infantrymen in the squad compartment vehicle M2A2 and M3A2 had individual masks and filter units built into their protective suits. This permitted them to leave the vehicle for dismounted operations. On the M3E1, all five crew members had masks connected to the central filter unit.

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