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M3 fighting vehicle

The gunner had a 180 degree view toward the front through two unity power periscopes in front of his hatch. A 4x and 12x day/night (thermal) sight was provided as the primary sight for the guns and the TOW missile. A 5x auxiliary sight also was installed to be shared by the gunner and the vehicle commander. The vehicle commander had 360 degree vision through seven unity power periscopes around his hatch and an optical relay permitted him to see through the gunner's day/night (thermal) sight. An external sight also was installed for open hatch firing. The vehicle radios were located in the turret bustle.

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XM2 infantry fighting vehicle

In May 1977, the program received a new name. The two versions were now referred to as the fighting vehicle systems (FVS) and the MICY and the scout vehicle became the XM2 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and the XM3 cavalry fighting vehicle (CFV) respectively. In June 1977, the program was expanded to include the ground support rocket system (GSRS). Later, this became the multiple launch rocket system (MLRS). The basic vehicle was referred to as the fighting vehicle system (FVS) carrier. It had the same power train and suspension as the two fighting vehicles.

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New turret gun vehicle XM723

Combat loaded, the XM723 weighed about 43,000 pounds. Its maximum road speed was 45 miles per hour and it could swim, propelled by track action, at about 5 miles per hour. The cruising range on roads was approximately 300 miles. The tests of the new turret gun vehicle XM723 continued into 1976. Although there were some problems with the new transmission and suspension system, they were resolved after a few months delay in the program. However, the greatest concern was the high cost of the new vehicle compared to the familiar M113 series.

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Infantry Combat Vehicle

A project with the title "Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle Family - 1970" was initiated in October 1965. As the title indicated, this project envisioned the development of a vehicle family paralleling that based upon the M113 armored personnel carrier. It would include weapon carriers, command posts, communication vehicles, ambulances, and other vehicles in addition to the basic MICV.

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Infantry combat vehicle XM701

In August 1963, the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany signed an agreement to develop a new main battle tank for use by both nations. Referred to as the MBT70, its high performance was expected to far exceed that of the M113 armored personnel carrier. The 1963 publication "A Study of Alternatives for a Post 1965 Infantry Combat Vehicle envisioned a new high performance mechanized infantry combat vehicle (MICV) that could operate with the new main battle tank.

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