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Reconnaissance vehicle T114

The military characteristics for the new family of light armored vehicles issued by the U.S. Army Field Forces on 30 September 1954 described an 8,000 pound, four man, carrier to be used as a command and reconnaissance vehicle T114. It also was to provide a mount for the battalion antitank (BAT) rifle and be suitable for use as a front line litter carrier. In addition to the 8,000 pound weight limit, the little vehicle was to have a top speed of 45 miles per hour, a cruising range of at least 200 miles, and be able to tow a vehicle of its own weight on improved roads.

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Smoke generator carrier, smoke generator vehicle

The Ml059A3 was an upgraded version of the Ml059 smoke generator carrier. The new vehicle was based upon the M113A3 armored personnel carrier incorporating the RISE power package. Like the M113A3,it was fitted with the external fuel tanks. The M1059A3 utilized the M157A2 smoke generator vehicle set which produced multi-fuel options including diesel for smoke generation. The M1059A3 smoke generator carrier were classified as Standard A on 15 December 1994.

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Vehicle with flame gun, flame throwers gun

In June 1954, the Chemical Research and Development Laboratories (CRDL) began a study of a mechanized flame thrower based upon tanks or other armored vehicles. The development of the E31-E36 flame thrower kit was a result of this study. This nomenclature indicated that the flame thrower consisted of the E31 fuel and pressure unit and the E36 vehicle with flame gun or cupola group. Three of the kits were installed in M59 tracked armored infantry vehicles for evaluation.

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Recovery vehicle

The gasoline powered XM548 prototype was rebuilt at FMC as a wrecker or recovery vehicle. Designated as the XM696 full tracked light recovery vehicle, it was intended to serve as a prototype for a recovery vehicle based upon the diesel powered M548. It was fitted with the crane from the 5 ton M543 wrecker truck and the hoist from the M578 armored recovery vehicle was used as a tow winch. It retained the XM548 winch in the front of the vehicle. The prototype weighed 24,900 pounds.

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m113 and M113A1 armored personnel carrier

Vehicles of the M113 family were adapted to perform many engineer tasks. The bulldozer conversion kits XM10 and XM11 were developed for use with the M113 and M113A1 armored personnel carrier respectively. The major differences between the two kits were in the mounting of the hydraulic pumps and the routing of the hydraulic lines. Each kit consisted of a 104 inch wide aluminum alloy blade with a bolt-on, replaceable, steel cutting edge. The hollow blade was filled with closed cell polyurethane foam and it added buoyancy to the vehicle, in the fully raised position, the blade acted as a trim vane when swimming the carrier. The blade could be raised 35 inches above or lowered 6 inches below ground level.

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