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Chaparral missile, Cargo compartment, Air missile

The successful development and deployment of the Sidewinder, infrared guided, air to air missile indicated that it could be employed in the ground to air role. It offered a simple solution to the low altitude air defense problem compared to the highly complex Mauler system. The Aeroneutronics Division of Ford Aerospace (then Philco-Ford) received a contract in early 1965 to adapt the Sidewinder 1С as an ground to air missile

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The Mauler self-propelled guided missile system

The complete Hawk system included a battery control center with two radar units as well as trailer mounted triple launchers for the missiles. The small tracked M501 (XM501E2) loader-transporter was used to move the missiles from the preparation site to the launcher. Later, the guided missile launcher M754 was installed on the M727 carrier vehicle using the power train and suspension from the M548 cargo carrier. This unarmored vehicle had a lock-up system on the suspension to provide stability when loading and firing the missiles.

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Vulcan air defense system, Self-propelled air defense gun

The major components of the M163A1 20mm self-propelled air defense gun consisted of the M741 or the M741A1 tracked chassis, the M168 20mm gun, the M61 sight, the M157A1 mount, and the AN/VPS-2 radar set. In addition to the high firing rate of 3,000 rounds per minute, the M168 gun could fire at a low rate of 1,000 rounds per minute.

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Armored personnel carrier, 37mm gun mount

In 1952, the U.S. Army outlined a three phase program to develop improved light antiaircraft weapons capable of dealing with high speed jet aircraft. The first phase of the program involved the upgrade of the existing twin 40mm self-propelled gun T141 (later the M42) by the addition of a range only radar. This project, nicknamed Raduster, was unsuccessful and it was finally canceled. The second phase of the program resulted in the development of a 37mm gun, six barrel, Gatling type gun named the Vigilante. This weapon was proposed in two versions, the towed Vigilante A and the self-propelled Vigilante B. The final phase of the search for a new antiaircraft weapon was devoted to a new self-propelled guided missile system named Mauler.

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M113 series vehicle, TOW missiles vehicle, TOW vehicle

The TOW vehicle launcher also was installed on other vehicle. These included the armored infantry fighting vehicle and the mechanized infantry combat vehicle, both developed by FMC. FMC in collaboration with Hughes and the Cadillac Gage Company designed a two tube turret launcher for installation on the M113 series as well as other chassis. In Norway, Kvaerner Eureka produced a twin tube armored launching turret for installation on the M113 series vehicle in the Norwegian Army. Neither of these turrets had the elevating feature and were exposed during firing.

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