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Hatch turret cargo vehicle

The seven man crew consisted of the driver, the crew chief, the vehicle commander, the gunner, the loader, and two ammunition passers. Seats for the commander, gunner, and loader were provided in the turret basket. The gunner was at the right front just forward of the commander. The gunner had a T149E2 panoramic telescope and a T150E2 direct fire telescope. The commander's cupola was fitted with five periscopes. The loader was on the left side of the with his own hatch turret cargo vehicle.

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LVTPX2 cargo vehicle, Assistant driver

A single LVTHX4 was built based upon the LVTPX2 cargo vehicle. It had a turret armed with the 105mm howitzer T96E1 in the mount T67E1. The vehicle was manned by a crew of seven with the driver and assistant driver in the front hull. Escape hatches were located in each side of the hull. Other hatches were provided for the driver and the assistant driver, the turret crew, and on the rear deck.

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Transmission engine vehicle

In 1949, the Continental Aviation and Engineering Corporation received a contract from the Bureau of Ships to design and construct a prototype lightweight cargo carrier. The vehicle was assembled using aluminum alloy plate ranging in thickness from 3/16 to 3/8 inches. Delivered in 1950, the vehicle was powered by the Ford GAA engine with a three speed transmission.

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Cargo vehicle LVT3 LVTPX3

At the end of World War II, large numbers of landing vehicles, tracked (LVTs) were in use by the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. At that time, all production of new LVTs was stopped. The majority of the latest versions, the LVT3 and the LVTA5, were still in the United States. Since they represented sufficient numbers for the expected postwar requirements, most of the earlier vehicles were disposed of as surplus. However, even these new vehicles had open tops and were not only vulnerable to artillery air bursts, but also it was impossible to keep personnel and cargo LVT3 vehicle dry when operating in rough water.

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Composite hull vehicle

In 1983, the U.S. Marine Corps awarded contracts for the construction of two M113 type vehicles in which the aluminum armor was replaced by a non-metallic composite material. FMC in collaboration with Owens-Corning Fiberglas delivered the composite hull vehicle in October 1985. The hull was a sandwich structure consisting of inner and outer skins of resin bonded E-glass.

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