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The M113 series vehicles

The M113 series vehicles of armored personnel carriers provided the basic chassis for a wide variety of vehicles. A lengthened version of the M113A1E1 was referred to as the stretched M113A1. It utilized the same high strength torsion bar suspension and power train as the original M113A1E1. U.S. Army

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Armored Personnel Carrier M113A3

Despite a combat weight of over 131/2 tons, the new turbocharged engine provided a power to weight ratio of over 20 gross horsepower per ton.. After some minor modifications, the M113A2E1 was standardized as the full tracked armored personnel carrier M113A3. The new power train components were referred to as the RISE (Reliability Improvements for Selected Equipment) package. FMC also provided a hydrostatic steer differential as a kit to replace the DS-200 controlled differential in the M113A1 and M113A2. Used with the TX-100 transmission, the brake levers were replaced by a steering wheel and the earlier vehicles were provided with a neutral steer capability. U.S. Army

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Armored Personnel Carrier M113A1E1

Although the M113A1 was extremely reliable, work continued to improve both the reliability and the performance. Four major areas were under consideration. These were the engine cooling system, the suspension, the fuel system, and the power train. Five prototype vehicles incorporating improvements in all four areas were constructed and designated as the armored personnel carrier M113A1E1. U.S. Army

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Armored Personnel Carriers M113A1

Except for the power train and fuel tank, the configuration of the M113A1 was identical to the Ml13. Since there was no ignition switch, a fuel cutoff control was provided to stop the diesel engine. The TX-100 transmission consisted of an hydraulic torque converter with a lock-up clutch and a basic three speed, constant mesh, planetary gear train. U.S. Army

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Armored Personnel Carrier M113

The box-like hull was assembled by welding 5083 aluminum alloy rolled plate 11/2 inches thick on the roof, front, and rear. The sides and floor were 1 3/4 and 1 1/8 inches thick respectively. The ramp at the rear was hydraulically operated and also contained a door for use when the ramp was closed. All openings had watertight seals to permit amphibious operation. The power pack was in the right front hull consisting of the Chrysler Model 75M, liquid-cooled, gasoline engine with the Allison TX200-2 transmission. This V8 engine developed 215 gross horsepower at 4,000 rpm. It was connected to the transmission through a transfer case with a 1:1 gear ratio. The transmission had six forward speeds and one reverse and it shifted automatically between the speeds in each shift range. U.S. Army

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