The Red Army, Russian Tanks, German Tanks


Armored personnel carrier T113E2

By late 1957, CON ARC requirements for the new armored personnel carrier had changed. A lower cost power package was preferred and improved armor protection was desired, even if there was a weight penalty. To meet these revised requirements, two new vehicles were proposed, both with aluminum alloy armor. The first, with an air drop weight of less than 17,500 pounds, was intended for use by the airborne forces and the second, with heavier armor and a maximum combat weight of 24,000 pounds, was to equip the armored divisions. Its armor was to be equal or superior to that on the armored personnel carrier M59. U.S. Army

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The armored personnel carriers T113 and T117

In June 1954, Detroit Arsenal initiated concept studies for a series of lightweight combat vehicles utilizing the same universal chassis. These vehicles were to be not only suitable for airtransport, but also capable of being dropped by parachute during phase 1 of airborne operations. On 30 September 1954, the Army Field Forces issued military characteristics for a family of two armored carriers with weights of 16,000 pounds and 8,000 pounds. U.S. Army

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Cargo tractor, Cargo carrier

Although the tests of the cargo tractor were not complete, a study indicated that it would be more economical to replace the T43, M8, and the T44 series of vehicles with a new line of two tractors as prime movers for the medium, heavy, and very heavy artillery. Two separate approaches were followed to achieve this objective. The first involved modification of the tractors already under development. U.S. Army

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Cargo tractor, High speed tractor, Light tank

Six pilot T42s were built and the vehicle was standardized as the cargo tractor M8 in December 1945. Three of the pilots were rebuilt replacing the air-cooled R-975-D4 radial engine, the 900AD combined torque converter-transmission, and the controlled differential with the power train from the light tank T41. This consisted of the air-cooled AOS-895 engine with the CD-500 transmission. The new version was designated as the cargo tractor M8E1. Further modification included a new version of the engine and transmission then being installed in the latest model of the light tank. U.S. Army

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Personnel carriers M84, M59, T55

The M84 was manned by a crew of six consisting of the commander, driver, gunner, loader, and two ammunition handlers. It carried 88 rounds of 4.2 inch ammunition. The combat weight of the M84 was about 4500 pounds heavier than the M59. As a result, the freeboard was reduced when the vehicle was afloat. To keep water out of the cooling air intake and exhaust grilles, folding snorkels were installed. U.S. Army

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