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Self-propelled mortar, 50 caliber machine gun

On F7 - F1312, the cupola was the same as on the pilots with six vision blocks and an external rotating mount for a 50 caliber machine gun. On F1313 - F2941, a new cupola was installed with four M17 periscopes replacing the vision blocks. This cupola also carried a 50 caliber machine gun on an external mount with 360 degree rotation. U.S. Army

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Armored infantry vehicle T59, T73, M59

After service tests, the Army selected the T59 as the new armored infantry vehicle and further development of the T73 was canceled. On 24 May 1953, the Assistant Chief of Staff, G4, directed that the armored infantry vehicle M59 (T59) be classified as standard and the armored infantry vehicle M75 (T18E1) also be retained as standard. U.S. Army

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Armored infantry vehicle T59 and T59E1

The first four were powered by the six cylinder GMC Model 302 engine then used in the 6x6 truck M135. The last two utilized the Cadillac, Model 331, V8 engine. All pilots were fitted with a modified version of the truck Hydramatic transmission and a controlled differential. The first four pilots were designated as the armored infantry vehicle T59 and the last two became the armored infantry vehicle T59E1. U.S. Army

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Mortar tracked carrier, armored personnel carrier

Studies at the Infantry School and the Armor School indicated a requirement for a full-tracked, armored, carrier for the 81mm, 105mm, and 4.2 inch mortars. Since it was desirable to use the M75 chassis as the basis for a family of vehicles, it was selected for this application. The designations 81mm mortar tracked carrier T62, 105mm mortar tracked carrier T63, and 4.2 inch mortar tracked carrier T64 were assigned for these vehicles. U.S. Army

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50 caliber machine gun, armored infantry vehicle

Later, the M13 cupola armed with a 50 caliber machine gun was evaluated on the T18E1. The pilots had a small oil filter access cover in the front upper hull door, but it was eliminated on the production vehicles. Some pilots also had a small ventilation grill at the top rear of the hull side armor. The pilots were fitted with two large folding doors in the roof of the personnel compartment. On production vehicles, they were replaced by two smaller, non-folding, doors, one on each side of the roof. U.S. Army

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