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Late War Tanks

the Red Army: ISU-152 heavy assault guns 1945, German armed forces Soviet tank: Self Propelled (SP) SU-122, Soviet armed forces Soviet armed forces: SU-122 Model 1943 Medium Self-Propelled Howitzer
the Red Army: Two ISU-152s ford a river self-propelled gun Soviet tank: ISU-152 self-propelled gun Soviet tank: SU-152 Model 1944 Self-Propelled Gun
the Red Army: ISU-152 self-propelled gun SU-122: ISU-152 SELF-PROPELLED GUN Gun-tank: ISU-122 1945
Soviet Tank: ISU-122 Self-Propelled Gun Heavy Tank: ISU-122 in May 1945 Heavy Tank: KV-85 Tank
Soviet Tank: KV-85 Heavy Tank Heavy Tank: IS-1 Soviet Tank
Late War Tanks: IS-2M Model 1944 Heavy Tank
IS-3 Heavy Tank